Our October calendar is PACKED with activities!!! As we recognize International Day of the Girl, Pennies for Haiti is proud to say we will be celebrating 8 of our girls from the orphanage that we support on October 22nd. We have chosen to show these girls that they are “Queens” loved unconditionally by God. We’ve code named the day “Cinderella Day.” Everyone involved with this celebration is very excited. The plan is to spend a few hours painting pottery, followed by a pizza pool party. We will be spending the day at a hotel where the girls will be able to take first of all a hot shower and second not from a bucket. We will close out the day by having a “Princess Party” at a restaurant where the girls will have a buffet style dinner “all you can eat” and individual birthday cakes!!! We’ve had beautiful dresses, jeans, swim suits and various other articles donated in celebrations for the girls.

Thank you to all of our:

Sponsors: Days for Girls, Macy’s Clinique, Marion’s Gifts & Clothing

Donors: Cindy McBride, Joan Murzin, Shelley Morefield

This day could not be possible with your dedication the mission!!!


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