Jesus is the reason for the season!

We started preparing Christmas dinner two days ago. We knew we were to feed over 100 people. So we took the time to properly prepare such a feast and also to avoid the craziness all too familiar in the grocery store and open market during this time of year.

We packed the “Hulk” and headed to the orphanage. Upon arrival I found the kids eating dinner. This is a problem; I was very annoyed because I informed the director days ago we were feeding the kids today. Also, I am very sad that today wasn’t a special day for the kids. However, that was not God’s plan.

Houston we have a problem…slight predicament! It is 1:00 PM we have food for over 100 people what do we do now? I posted a message on our community page…dead air…no takers!!! Than one Santa helper says let’s feed the kids from the neighborhood instead. Great idea for two reasons!

First, many of the kids we fed today have participated in many of our activities however within the walls of the orphanage. Second, feeding the kids as we did solidified our work in this particular community beyond the walls of the orphanage. It was such a blessing to see God’s plan unfold today. It was a pleasant surprise.

One sure thing differentiated the kids we fed from those living at the orphanage; their meal was not guaranteed. I asked a few moms’ permission in the neighborhood before feeding the kids my request was answered with much gratitude.

On my way to the orphanage I heard a song Konkou Chante Nwel 1999 – Michael Benjamin a.k.a Nwèl Tristès “Christmas sadness.”  Although our kids might not have eaten the food we so carefully prepared for them but I know they ate something today; whereas these little ones could have gone to sleep tonight on an empty stomach. I hope in a very small way this Christmas was not a sad one for these children. I am praying we can do even more next year!

Two questions:

Do you love Christmas?

Do you want to make Christmas day special for a child in Haiti?

In that case, please consider joining the “Pennies for Haiti – Christmas Committee” we have a lot of work to do and only 365 days to do it!!! Let’s start planning…I can be reached at if you are interested.


img_20161225_112515_editMerry Christmas…may God abundantly bless you as He has us!


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