stem-logo-consortium-frenchIn observance of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the Haiti STEM Alliance invited 125 high school girls in Caradeux, Haiti to the first “Discover STEM” conference. The goal was simple; get a conversation started. We invited two groups of speakers to the conference. During the registration session, we had speakers give a brief introduction of the STEM fields and allowed the participants to ask questions. The second session of the conference involved female college students studying in their respective STEM fields sharing their experiences. We chose college students in hope to better connect with the participants. We also had an EMT team present their training program and commit to train anyone who was interested in becoming an EMT.

This activity was a kick off for three Summer Programs that will be conducted in June and July 2017.  There will be two programs lasting 3 weeks for girls ages 5-13 involving hands on activities around areas of STEM.  The third program will be a pilot for the STEM Technology Centers being launched in each of the 10 departments or states in Haiti.  This program will meet every Saturday starting in September 2017 for four hours throughout the school year.  The first year’s focus will be to introduce the girls to computer basics, typing, robotics, and English as a second language.  The goal by year two is to have each participant choose a STEM track and further their knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math through activities related to each field ie. Coding, Science Projects, Building Bridges, etc.

We were all excited to begin this conversation with these young ladies. We were able to educate them not only about the disciplines, but also encourage them to pursue their dreams even if it was not in STEM fields.

We wanted to just get the conversation started…we did just that!

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I would like to thank the participants for being open minded and attending the conference. I am grateful to our speakers who said yes to this challenge without really knowing what to expect. I can honestly say we were all pleasantly surprised. Also to our sponsors, we could not have pulled this off without your financial support. One last thank you…to Institution Mixte Juvenile and their volunteers for trusting us and hosting this wonderful event at their location.

Family and Friends, AMF Experts, Haiti Teen Challenge, FELB, Patisserie Marie Béliard, DLM Transport and Logistics and Hero Dispatch



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