The girls are HOME!!!

In November 2011 Pennies for Haiti began working closely with an orphanage to provide help and activities to the children. It all began with hosting holiday dinners, cupcake day (birthday celebration), back to school bashes, and other childhood activities. We wanted the kids to have a chance to enjoy their childhood. Soon after we started fixing and painting beds to increase the quality of life for the children. We were able to begin ministering to the children about 2 years ago. Missionaries extended this effort and over a dozen missionaries have now fallen in love with these wonderful children.

Now, after all these years and with the effort and support of so many, Pennies for Haiti will be moving 13 girls from the unfavorable conditions they’ve known into a home of stability. On August 8, 2017, 13 young girls (ranging in age from 1-15) will move into a home where they will each have their own assigned beds, running water, functioning bathroom facilities, new clothes, toys, reputable (better rated) schools and 3 meals a day eating together as a family, they even will gain a grandmother who will love on them whenever she visits.

While living in the orphanage, the children experienced unfavorable living conditions. Many of the children were often unwell and unclean. They didn’t have clean clothes or often times even a place to sit while they ate their meals.

The Pennies for Haiti Home for Girls will encourage these children in all aspects of life including manners, proper speech, personal cleanliness, education and a feeling of love and acceptance as they live as a family. These girls, through this program, will receive more than a better standard of living; they will experience a feeling of self-worth and an understanding of family and community that every child should feel. You can help these girls grow and succeed by offering a loving donation of

-underwear (new, in package please)
-soft bristled toothbrushes
-children’s toothpaste
-fitted twin-sized sheets
-pillows (new please)
-clothing (for girls of all ages)

We welcome you to sponsor a child to assist with their education. We can help you choose either by age or date of birth or assign one that hasn’t been sponsored to you. If you’d prefer to make a monetary donation, please visit our website at

Please pray for these young girls and the many volunteers and missionaries that, by God’s grace, will create a home for them through Pennies for Haiti. It is with continued prayer and support that this program will be able to succeed.

Please check out our FB page frequently for updated information on the girls’ new life; while there please like our page.

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