Follow Me – 2016 Mission Trip

Follow Me Mission Trip
Follow Me Mission Trip

Dear Friends,

I have a very special mission trip opportunity to share with you!

Please accept our invitation to our upcoming “Follow Me – Mission Trip” from July 10 – 20, 2016; become a Follow Me International Haitian Missionary. We will be working with children living in an orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Our objectives are to brighten the day of the children living in a sad and difficult situation. Join us in witnessing a transformation in the lives of young children; last year one of our missionaries had this to say “to watch a child whose eyes are dark, tearful and sad blossom into eyes filled with love, joy and wonder is truly miraculous and makes one question why we as God’s children do not do more to help these innocents.”

We are planning to…
1. Share the gospel
2. Expose the children to life skills such as art, music and gardening
3. Teach them how to speak English by starting an ESL program for them

July 10 – 20, 2016

Airfare + $500 to help cover vehicle rental, housing, food, translators, and mission essentials.

Have you been praying about going on a mission trip? Have you heard the call to “go and make disciples of all nations?” Join us on this year’s mission trip. If you are interested in being an International Haitian Missionary on our Follow Me – 2016 Mission Trip, please complete our mission trip application at the following URL

Volunteers will be placed according to their gifts and abilities. If you are unable to volunteer; we still need your help please consider making a donation towards the House of Hope project.

F. Garza one of our board members had this to say after her mission trip “Being with the children is always the most rewarding part and the familial atmosphere of the group of volunteers themselves is a blessing. I hope many more people become a part of this wonderful venture.

Raygine Francois
Pennies for Haiti, Executive Director

Volunteer Grant Writer Needed!!!

In desperate need of a grant writer!!! Please let me know if you or someone you know is available to look over a grant for me…time is of the essence less than 30 days to get this done.

We have the opportunity to apply for a grant for our “Feeding Haiti’s Children” project. This project is projected to feed 2500 children this year. Your assistance is greatly needed and appreciated for this grant writer request.

I can be reached at Thank you for your assistance regarding this matter.

Thank you — Light of Hope Gala

On behalf of the Pennies for Haiti Board of Directors I would like to thank all our sponsors, guests, donors, event committee members that donated and attended our event!!!. The Light of Hope Gala was awesome and a success!!! It would not have been such a success without all your contributions. I am truly grateful for your participation and donation.


2016 — Light of Hope Gala


Pennies for Haiti invites you to the Annual “Light of Hope Gala” on March 5, 2016 at the St. Petersburg Country Club in St. Petersburg, FL. Don’t forget there will be a silent auction. Proceeds will benefit the House of Hope project dedicated to caring for underprivileged children.

House of Hope’ is officially expanding to Cap-Haitian, where we will be restoring a home for the 50 children living in the orphanage. We are raising funds to ensure we are able to feed them two meals a day. The budget for the year is $18,000.

Unable to attend but would like to participate; you can donate at

Check out our Facebook page at




Our 6th Anniversary!!!

6th AnniversaryIt is our sixth anniversary and we are very proud of what we have achieved so far in the lives of the children involved in our projects. These children are a blessing, having changed our lives, and the glory is for God who chose us for what we have been called to accomplish in Haiti. We started the ‘Feeding Haiti’s Children’ project in 2011, in order to assist a school in Petit-Place-Cazeau. A fundraiser was held, enabling us to hire a chef and two sous-chefs, who prepared and served the donated food which the school had received. We also started the ‘Teach a Woman to Fish’ project, allowing us to assist a cobbler and a web designer to return to their craft, as they had lost everything in the earthquake. In 2012, we started the ‘House of Hope’ project; dedicated to helping orphanages in need. After its implementation, we were eventually contacted to assist a failing orphanage at that time, and we immediately started sending food to feed the children. We later coordinated with ‘Food for the Poor’ to ensure the food sent to the orphanage was being received and was sufficient for all seventy-five children. ‘Pennies for Haiti’ held many other fund raisers on their behalf and distributed underwear, shoes, ice cream, cupcakes and toys. We also assisted with the children’s tuition and school supplies. In 2013, the Executive Director, Raygine Francois, moved to Haiti in order to have a stronger impact and better supervise the projects that had been established. We started the ‘Ready to Learn’ project and assisted many children with tuition, closing the year by celebrating Christmas in Croix-des-Bouquets at our first Christmas Fair, ‘Nwel Pou Timoun’. The year 2014 was spent adjusting and tweaking all of our projects to better serve the community. In 2015, we hosted our first mission trip and ministered to the children of the orphanage, we created ‘Mission Saving Lives’, which encompasses all of our projects created in the last five years, assisting children and families in schools and orphanages located in various areas of Haiti. As the year came to a close, we were contacted once more to assist an orphanage in Cap-Haitian, which was home to about 50 children. The ‘Mompremier Soin’ project was created in honor of the heroic, yet tragic, death of Emerson Mompremier, Captain, U.S. Army Field Artillery, a dear friend and supporter of ‘Pennies for Haiti’. He had a huge heart and was always ready to help someone in need. This projects’ aim is to help expectant mothers deliver healthy babies, with ‘Pennies for Haiti’ providing the necessary care from fetus to birth.

As we enter our sixth year, we are tirelessly working on finding grants in an effort to meet the goals of the ‘Feeding Haiti’s Children’ project, which is to feed 2500 children during the 2016 – 2017 school year. ‘House of Hope’ is officially expanding to Cap-Haitian, where we will be building a home for the 50 children living in the orphanage. Presently, we are searching for a grant and raising funds to have a full time missionary on staff at the orphanage. We would like to plan various activities for the children by turning the orphanage into a ‘home’, understanding that after food, these children need stability, love and attention, exactly what we would like to give them. The ‘Ready to Learn’ and ‘Teach a Woman to Fish’ projects will be installing computers donated by Sedgwick, LLP to two schools and a learning center and we hope to open the ‘Mompremier Soin’ clinic in Cap-Haitian by the close of the year. Finally, ‘Nwel Pou Timoun’ will be bigger and better as we aim to celebrate Christmas this year with 1000 children at the fair.

We have a long term vision for our work in Haiti. Admittedly, it is an undertaking that is bigger than any of us, but we know, along with the continuous support of our corporate sponsors, donors, and volunteers, that we will make an impact on the future of the children of Haiti. As ‘Pennies for Haiti’ celebrates our sixth anniversary, we are recommitting our efforts to continue our work in Haiti and we ask you to join us in this most endeavor.

Thank you for your support these past six years and your important continued support in the future.

Day 2 — Five Things You Might Not Know About Me

Five Things You Might Not Know About Me

I’m forming a relationship with over 150 children it’s a blessing that cannot be explained; you can only experience it in person. Which is why I invite you to join us on a mission trip to see the work being accomplished for and through these children. It is just amazing to see the transformation in their eyes and lives.



Pennies for Haiti through the House of Hope program is assisting two orphanages one located in Petit Place Cazeau and the other in Cap Haitian. We have activities such as cupcake day to celebrate the children birthdays, Santa Clause toy distribution, last year we paid tuition for five children and whenever needed we assist by supplementing the food they receive from food distribution organizations. We also host a Christmas fair named Nwel Pou Timoun for children in Croix-des-Bouquets so that children can have fun during the happiest day in the year.

I look forward to you joining us…our next mission trip is in July! Please help us spread the word about our work in Haiti. Please like our Pennies for HaitiFB page.

Day 1 — Five Things You Might Not Know About Me

Five Things You Might Not Know About Me

2015 PFH Projects CollagePennies for Haiti officially became an organization on January 27, 2010. Many believe that our existence was in response to the earthquake. Actually, the earthquake brought an idea to life. In September of 2009, I traveled to Hinche, Haiti on a mission trip with Exciting Idlewild Baptist Church. While there my heart broke as I saw the overwhelming poverty that loomed over the county; I wondered if this was how I left Haiti in 1994. I could not believe the state of my county…my countrymen. I was determined to feed the Haitian people. Upon returning to the states my efforts to organize a food distribution were not successful and then the earthquake happened. So a group of 4 cousins got together and formed Pennies for Haiti. Today, I am the Executive Director and proud to say that during our 5 years in existence we gained our 501(c)3 status; making us a tax deductible organization.
Below are a few of our ongoing programs…I am excited about 2016 as we grow and add more projects to help Haiti’s children.
House of Hope
Homelessness Reduction — House of Hope project is dedicated to helping an orphanage, home to over seventy children, fulfill the needs of the orphaned children in their care.
Feeding Haiti’s Children
Malnutrition Reduction — Feeding Haiti’s Children project was created to answer the dire cry of malnourished children.
Ready to Learn
Increasing Literacy — Ready to Learn Project helps underprivileged children by paying the admission fees for the current school year.
Nwel Pou Timoun ~ Christmas for Children
Spreading Joy — Nwel Pou Timoun project is dedicated to bringing joy and happiness to children in the Croix-des-Bouquets area.
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I’ve attached a few collages for you to see our projects in pictures.
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FHC Collage