2014 — Nwel Pou Timoun

Goal Set — Goal Reached!!!

Everyone at Parc Pierre Louis and at Pennies for Haiti have been so busy in the last few weeks preparing our funnest event of the year. We had one goal in mind for every child to enjoy this event at a minimal cost of 100 HTG /$2.00 US.

With just a few hours away I am so excited that the children of Croix-des-Bouquets will be enjoying a day filled with fun all free to them. We have toys, ice cream, hot dogs, cheetos and fun activities…it’s going to be an AWESOME day!!!

Thanks to all our supporting sponsors… AMF Experts, MSC PlusMarché Ti Tony S.A, Chanje Movement, ECEM, FELBUniik Memories, Pat n To’s, Patisserie Marie Béliard, Karyna S.A, Jedco Services, Société de Production Industrielle et Alimentaire S. A. (SPIA),sogedipa s.a, Tampico Haiti, Samy Librairie Papeterie.

This event would not be possible without the help of those who only do this work because of the kids..Nicolas Pierre-louis, Claire Dorcely, Etelka Prosper, Tania Brezault Brandt and Jennifer Noisette.