SOS for Belle Fontaine!

I want to first say thank you to the pouring of love and concern about the safety of my family and myself during the past few days. I have moved a lot over the years but I know more than ever that the people I’ve met were not just for a season but a lifetime. I am blessed for the relationship we have and proof that distance and time does not affect what we built so many years ago.

It’s been quite a busy few days trying to figure out the logistics of bringing relief aid to some of the nearby affected areas. I understand the lack of trust that exist following the reports of the large NGO’s wasting so much money in the wake of the 2010 earthquake. So many of you knew me before I created Pennies for Haiti and toady I ask that you trust me the person and not the history of NGOs in Haiti.

In recent days, we have received many calls in regards to dropping off donations; thank you so much I am grateful for the support. However, I wish I could say yes to all that we are being offered. Honestly, that’s the issue we can’t seem to find a way around right now. Any donation needing to be shipped will require that we pay shipping and customs fees. In addition, to the fees we have to wait in line to receive the shipment because there are thousands of donations for larger organizations coming into Haiti. I spoke to one of the shipping companies yesterday and they are not reducing their shipping fees in light of the Hurricane.

So I ask that you trust me and anyone on my board to make a monetary donation to Pennies for Haiti. You can hold me responsible to not only show you the receipts for all that we purchase here in Haiti, which is good for the local economy, but also to post pictures of the aid we distribute.

I am sure many of you have seen the pictures of the cities devastated by Hurricane Matthew. Pennies for Haiti will not go into a city that is already receiving aid from so many. Our focus is on an area named Belle Fontaine they have about 40,000 residents made up of four communities. In the last hour I have spoken to two people that are familiar with the area. I am told their primary need is food, medical attention and assistance with home repair. They are very worried about cholera affecting this area once again. The damages are as follows so far 4 reported deaths, 95% of destroyed homes and 100% of crop lost.

The worst affected of the communities is Belle Fontaine 4 even before the hurricane the roads were already inaccessible by vehicle you can only reach there by helicopter or horse/donkey. I am waiting to receive any pictures from the representatives to share with you.

My promise to you is that you can trust me to use every penny you donate to be given to the people that need it most. My family and I already started creating dental kits to distribute. We are not done yet! We have to get food and clean water supply to them. Please show your support and make a donation at the below link.
We are using PayPal Giving Fund instead of a gofundme account because 100% of your donation is deposited into the Pennies for Haiti account. PayPal Giving Fund pays all the transaction fees associated with a donation.
Pennies for Haiti PayPal Giving Fund

55 lbs bag of rice — $17.00
50 lbs bag of beans — $33.00
Small bottle of oil — $4.00
Water tablets box — $4.00
Salt/Maggie — $2.00
Thank you for your trust and support!!!