2014 Back to School Bash

On Saturday September 27th, Pennies for Haiti will be hosting the “2014 Back to School Bash”. School officially started in Haiti on September 8 and it’s now time for us to distribute all the donated book bags and shoes to our children. We are truly grateful for all the hard work dedicated to making this event a success. We would like to thank our sponsors for their donations:

Habitat For Children Ministries
Habitat For Children Ministries
Office Depot Foundation
Office Depot Foundation

Over the summer a friend suggested we ask the children what they needed most; unanimously they answered “shoes.” As the school year started I realized I was not going to fulfill that request. But someone else knew He would. So I thank God for providing for the children; truly a blessing. While writing this post the “Happy Feet” project received from St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and School a donation of  book bags and 350 shoes!!! OH WOW!!! we received more shoes than we could have expected…the kids will be overjoyed!!!

Our Sponsors

Habitat for Children Ministries
Office Depot Foundation
— St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and School
Parc Pierre Louis
— Jennifer Noisette — September Cupcakes
— Raymond Francois — Cargo
— Tania Francois — “Happy Feet” Project

St. Mark's Episcopal Church and School
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and School

On behalf of the board of directors, I would like to thank our sponsors and volunteers for their continuous support. We are excited for the children as they head back to school. We believe in the principle that a child in school is hope for a better future. We are wishing all of our kids a successful 2014 – 2015 academic school year. Stay tuned for pictures…


Please support the”Back to School” project by making a donation at the below link. Education is not entirely free in Haiti; many parents pay at times three times their monthly salary to enroll their child(ren) in school. September is a tough month for so so so many parents in Haiti. The need is real…thank you for your support.


Pennies for Haiti — 2014 Board of Directors

Carolyn DeJesus
David De Piano
Edd Cobb
Gilianne Francois
Hans Nerette
Ken Waterway
Louis-Philippe Dolce
Nathalie Georges
Paulincia Mignon
Tamarah Etienne
Wisler Myrthil